INDIVIDUAL  (how to apply makeup on yourself)


2 hours includes:

– Full makeup application and technique for each feature (eyes, lips, face)

– Brow shaping

– False lash application

– Choosing the right brushes and tools

– A recap is emailed to you within 2 days of your lesson.  In this recap, I list all of the products and shades I used on you along with the tips & techniques discussed.  This allows you to relax and learn during your lesson instead of trying to take notes on everything.

* Lessons are completely customized based on what you want to learn.



$60 per person  (5 person minimum)

3 hours includes:

– Attendees choose topics

– All techniques are demonstrated on attendees

– Question and answer

– Celebrity inspiration (i.e. how to get a specific celebrity look)

– Color theory

– A take home packet that covers everything discussed along with a section for note taking

– If additional time is desired – add $10 per person, per hour

* This class is customized based on what the group wants to learn.  I am flexible and can cover any topic of interest.  If you have a larger group, please email for customized rate.


ARTIST – TO – ARTIST   (how to apply makeup on someone else)


5 hours

– This is for the individual that wants to become a makeup artist – either for sport or as a career.  Fully customized based on the level of skill you currently have.

– Includes all of the ins & outs of a complete makeup application including a variety of different looks (day, smokey, cat eye etc)

– This is hands on and 1 on 1, this is not a group class.  It is done on a model of your choice and I teach you how to apply the makeup on them.  The model can be anyone you choose, your mom, friend etc.

– We also discuss color theory, tattoo coverage, creating a kit, proper sanitation, building clientele, professionalism and creating a portfolio.

– A recap is emailed to you within a few days of your lesson.  This recap will  list all of the products and shades used along with the tips and techniques discussed.


group seminars are available including:

cosmetology school, dance teams, sorority – please contact me here with details about your group.