I am sure nearly everyone has heard the saying “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  That’s exactly how I feel about being a makeup artist. Regardless of the time, type of makeup, or the location – I love it!  After over 17 years in the industry, I still love what I do and I enjoy sharing that with each and every client.

I was born and raised in a small town outside of St. Louis.  I grew up putting makeup on anyone that would let me!  I would often lay on my mom’s bed and watch her effortlessly blend her eye shadows and line her lips.  I was just in awe of her beauty.  My dad is an artist so I spent many weekends traveling with him and started painting and drawing at a young age.  This was right up my alley because to me, applying makeup on someone’s face is like painting a bare canvas.  Oh, the possibilities!

I was fortunate to start my career with a prestigious makeup company at a young age.  Eventually relocating to the Pacific Northwest as their regional trainer, I taught makeup application to new makeup artists and further developed seasoned artists.  These days, I travel from coast to coast and continue to work independently as a freelance makeup artist, regardless of the city I reside.

While beauty makeup keeps me the busiest, I also thrive off the ART in Makeup Artistry. I absolutely love special f/x and have begun exploring the world of prosthetics. There is always more to learn and create, so I never stop experimenting.